The hat with the skills you know?

18-05-15 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Readed:1753

Hats a wide variety, of course, the function of the hat is also very much today to tell you about the hats with the skills, so that we learn how to choose a hat, how to wear a hat, how to match the hat and other clothing, hat selection is also very particular about. First of all, according to the face to choose the right hat. Second, according to their own body to choose a hat. Wearing a hat and wearing clothes, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses. The form and color of the hat must be matched with the clothing and so on.

The following details of the hat with the skills to tell you how to choose their own hat:

Hat and face with the skills: the seeds of the face, suitable for wearing a variety of hats, but the hat-type depth to moderate, to reveal the face of about 1/3 as well; square face, hat shape to be higher proportion, The face is exposed 3/4 is appropriate, suitable for octagonal cap, cowboy hat, curling cap, hat, etc .; round face type, hat should be designed into a square, sharp or polygon as well, suitable for berets, Long face type of person, the hat should not be too high, or will make the face look longer, the face to show 2/3 better, suitable for fisherman hat, big brim hat and so on.

Hat and body with the skills: the body of the height of the points. Tall and tall in the choice of the hat when the big should not be small, or give the first heavy feeling. Tall man should not wear high tube cap, short man do not wear flat roof cap.

Hats and skin with the skills: complex skinny, can be coordinated with a lot of color, but do not wear too red hat; yellow skin suitable for wearing dark brown, gray and other colored hats, should not wear yellow, green hat; dark skin People in the selection of bright colors of the hat, we should pay attention to the overall effect of the dress, according to the clothing to match the hat effect; white skin, the hat for more color, but because the skin is too white to give a sense of soft, so choose The color of the hat, to avoid the election of white or near color.

Hat and clothing with the skills: wear the same color with the clothing or the main colors similar to the hat can give a fresh, elegant sense; wear and clothing color to form a strong contrast to the hat is to make people feel lively and vigorous; Wear a dark hat; red or blue clothing should wear a blue or red hat; wear suits, windbreaker, coat commonly used hat or wool hat matching; with sportswear, wearing a baseball cap or The empty hat can make your heroes glow.