Knitting wool hat washing and maintenance

21-09-24 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Readed:571

Usually we wear the knitting wool hat in the dirty when the cleaning work, then you know how to clean the knitting wool hat is done, usually what maintenance work?

Wash the knitting wool hat with a neutral detergent

Wash the knitting wool hat need to pay attention to the use of neutral detergent, so if the hat is knitting wool hat, it will not damage the material of the hat. In the washing knitting wool hat, must not be washed with detergent, especially with the enzyme washing powder. The main ingredient of wool is protein, the enzyme will hydrolyze the protein, may make the knitting wool hat to take shape.

Warm water cleaning knitting wool hat

The reason for washing the knitting wool hat with warm water is that the warm water is more effective in removing the dust, soak the knitting wool hat for 5 to 10 minutes and then gently rub until it is clean.

Knitting wool hat in the maintenance of the hat when you need to wear it in a dry place, to avoid the long time the knitting wool hat put moldy, because the knitting wool hat only in the autumn and winter season will often wear, do not wear when it is to choose Good place to keep.

Knitting wool hat