How to maintain the wool felt hat will not deform

21-09-24 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Readed:584

I believe a lot of girls have worn this whole wool felt hat, and have spenta lot of money to buy, less than 30 yuan or more of the general quality, wool felt hat goodwords are more than 100 pieces. Although the hat is very beautiful, but a lot ofgirls do not know how to maintain this hat, so a period of time after the hat isdeformed, can not wear on the throw, very regrettable, today's little seriesteach you how to maintain this wool felt hat is how to maintain, so that itdurable wear.

1. First of all, we need to understand the characteristics of this materialwool, good wool is a certain amount of water absorption, when it is very easy todeformation, wool felt hat so the daily washing must remember to use warm (30-40°), can not bewashed with boiling water, can not be machine washable.

2. The daily wear of hats is also very easy to adhere to sticky ash, thebest way to meet this situation is to directly use the glue to gently sticky,local-made tape is also OK.

3. In the daily storage of the first is that the hat can not be folded, thebest inside the hat to plug something to prevent the deformation of the hat, wool felt hat itis best placed at the top of the cabinet, can not have other thingspressure.