How to choose the real anti-UV sun hat

21-09-24 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Readed:1626

How to choose the real anti-UV sun hat, hot summer, if you do not want to go home in a quarter, then go out to resist the hot you ready? Remember the cool sun to start from scratch Oh, quickly choose a suitable for their own can cover the sun, anti-ultraviolet hat it! Xiaobian following to see how to choose good-looking and practical hat it!

straw hat:

This kind of straw hat hat is very garden children. Straw hat ventilation is good, but also to avoid direct sunlight, the children are more like, you can also refer to the star with the method of bending shape. Large shopping malls have counters, according to material, work different, the price is different.

Baseball cap:

Baseball caps mostly cotton or denim texture of the front eaves style most popular. Boys mostly choose. Many other beautiful prints are also very suitable for young girls.

Baseball cap recommended to the big shopping malls to buy counters, types and styles more complete, some use of anti-UV function, quality assurance.

Fisherman's hat: 

The hat's skirt can provide different shading effects. And outdoor carrying is very convenient, the material used shade material + breathable mesh, hat wearing a windbreak, even if there is another big wind, do not worry about the hat will fall. Neckscreen, wear it, do not worry about the neck will appear two colors. Recommended to buy when the choice of shopping malls counters and well-known brands, cost is still good.

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