Cowboy hat history

21-09-24 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Readed:795

Cowboy hat, originated in the Midwest, and more to blanket production, you can shelter, and now the fashion cowboy hat, it is to take the cowboy hat handsome wild appearance, mainly decorative.

The earliest cowboy hat for the United States in the central and western climate, and more to blankets (Felt) production, you can wind and rain, to functional mainly; but now the fashion cowboy hat, is to take the cowboy hat handsome wild appearance, To decorative mainly, the use of materials also have great changes. Le Bags brand manager Xu Yanhua observation, today's cowboy hat material is generally used in the clothing on the main material, such as silk, lace, linen, etc., the color is not as if the impression of black or brown, with spring Summer pink color pink, green, purple, and even a layer of cowardly hat, are spring and summer hot. Even if the time into the autumn and winter, cowboy hat is still popular, the material is more like a velvet, whether it is with a coat of hairy, or tweed suit jacket, are very male rough taste.

Enrico Coveri spring and summer 2007 also have cowboy hat, with bright colors, such as light blue, to match the spring and summer of the pink color; with no restrictions on denim clothing, weekdays wearing a door T-shirt, suit jacket, A cowboy hat on the look is very type. Even as John Galliano will be woven cowboy hat disassembly to a degree, it seems very taste.

Tokyo's young men and women are now ultra-popular wearing a cowboy hat, this trend is expected in the summer of 2007 will be blowing Taiwan Luo! Japan's young people attach great importance to the effect of modeling, Xu Yanhua said that the popular cowboy hat can be said to be brought by the retro trend, shallow together in the head of the special wear law, feeling a little hip, very their stomach. At the same time, the proportion of girls wearing a cowboy hat even higher than the boys, with dress, punk shape, and even wool short skirts and boots, are the streets of the girl is very n n dressed.