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The most popular hats Top 10 (The part one)

2017-01-03 10:15:32 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

The most popular hats Top 10 (The part one)

The hat types are very rich.each style has their own characteristics and fans.Let us introduce 


Knitting wool caps have a cute name “BEANIES”,similar with the meaning of beans.Someone say that BEAN is on behalf on head.Some one say that the cap shape like a little bean.This kind of cap is simple.It appeared in the middle ages,only students and civilians wore this kind of caps.So the cap bring the impression of blue-collar workers.

Knitting wool caps


About bowler,the representative figure of the most ICONIC is Chaplin.In 1850,The British James Coker invented,and it developed in HOLLYWOOD.In London, this kind of hats are necessities of gentleman.But he used thick cardboard to make hard hat crown.So it is not convenient to wear.Gradually,the phenomenon that everyone had one bowler hat disappeared in the 70s.


3.Baseball cap

One day in 1839,American Mr.DOUBLEDAY held the first baseball game in Brooklyn,In order to hit the ball accurately under shining sun ,the players wore wide brim hats,because of this special occasion,Baseball cap this name was born.This kind of caps were born in Brooklyn,so people in  Hip hop world love this cap shape.

Baseball cap

4.The fair maiden cloche

Why we add the word fair maiden on this kind of hats?Because other hats is unisex.Only this kind of hat,man can not wear .Tightly wrap head,and it is suitable to put different decoration on hats. In the 20 s, it was boon of ladies. At that time,you can know ladies emotional state by decoration of cloche hats. For example,unilateral arrow knot means that girls have boyfriend,but they do not get married. Spiral knot means married.Flower decoration mean that girls are searching boyfriends.Now,you should know the reason that it is strange for man to wear cloche hat.

cloche hat

5.Flat straw hat

People used plant fiber to make straw hats,this kind of hats have the characteristics of ventilate.In the early nineteenth century,this kind of hats appeared in leisure social occasions. Flat straw hats make people cute and handsome,Flat square, round,very neat.

Flat straw hat

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