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How to choose a hat for their own

2017-03-09 15:54:53 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Wide along the straw hat


This kind of straw hat is wide and large, with decorative hat flowers, both nice and stylish, of course, with a little sweet pastoral style. So with this type of hat must be two free Zhazhu braids. Whether it is sweet or the atmosphere of the girl, will be due to the correct hairstyle with the right hat, and produce a kind of gratifying sweet feeling. More critical is that this type of hat sun protection index for hundred percent !


Baseball cap


If you have a spiral big hair long hair, then with a baseball cap! Baseball cap dynamic can fade too soft feminine, make you more lively. Whether you are straight hair or curly hair, as long as you usually like the hair high beam, baseball cap is also a good choice, loose lazy beam hair can always reveal a little sexy woman.


Large wide along the sun hat


Large wide along the sun hat texture soft, feminine feminine, shallow Yin low singing an unspeakable feminine. If such a hat is worn on a beautiful long hair with a beautiful hair, exudes full of pure and clean taste.


Rattan fisherman hat


Each season there is always a different color of the rattan fisherman hat quietly blooming in the fashion industry, so do not think it will be out of date. If you have a long tail of the air like a long hair, you should choose this type of hat. In addition, the short hair girl is also suitable for wearing, but before wearing a hat, should be short hair of a small pigtail.




This seems to be the last century, the fifties and fifties the most gold of the trend of the symbol, is still in the fashion industry wantonly rampant. Its magic is that it is always approachable to improve the temperament of any woman. So, if you always feel outdated, may wish to choose a new season popular cap. Slightly buckle in the long hair, exquisite retro also with a little cool taste, the most suitable with the cap of the. In addition, the lovely looks like you, always keep Qi bang, like combing the pretty small twist braids, the cap will be your makeup was full of cool flavor.


Retro small hat


If you always like to put your hair into a slight loose hair, and want to wear a suitable hat, then the British style retro hat can not only meet your wishes, but also decorate your beauty.


Small straw hat


Comfortable natural small straw hat, is the first choice for summer travel. Like the hair color will be dyed into different colors of the girl, you can wear such a hat scenery to go out.

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