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Summer’s hottest hat fads

2017-12-26 16:54:02 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Summer’s hottest hat fads

A hat is more than a simple accessory that can compliment your outfit, and its versatility can actually meet wearers’ different demands. Hats can be devoted companions to shade your skin from blazing summer sunlight, cover up bad hair on busy school days, or help you make a personal statement through eye-popping styles. 

Summer’s hottest hat fads

For fear of committing fashion faux pas, some of you might be reluctant to wear certain hats, especially fashionable ones. However, styling outfits around an array of hats is easier than you think. You can follow headwear trends spotted on 2015’s Spring/Summer fashion runways in London, Milan and Paris, and take fashion tips from US-based fashion website collegefashion.net to wear your hats like a superstar.

Classic casual baseball caps 

Caps seem timeless as far as trendy headwear goes. With diverse textures and materials, this “old-fashioned” headwear is still trending, with French clothing retailer Dior Homme putting baseball caps on models wearing tuxedos to add a sense of casualness. 

School caps along with sport-inspired caps are two of the major trends this season, according to fashion website fashionisers.com. For instance, Paris-based fashion house Olympia Le-Tan created slightly oversized school caps with golden tassels, and Italian brand Moschino designed its iconic metallic letters encompassing traditional baseball caps with different color options.

For female fashion aficionados, baseball caps are perfect for greasy hair days. Also, they go well with athletic wear. For men who want to show masculinity it is advised to pair them with a classic oxford shirt, slim-cut chinos and a pair of boots.

Iconic Panama hats

Summer’s hottest hat fads

When US President Theodore Roosevelt visited the Panama Canal back in the 1900s, he was photographed wearing a Panama hat. Since then, this hat has reached iconic status by being picked up by celebrities such as American writer Ernest Hemingway and American actor Paul Newman. As one of the most popular unisex hats during the warm seasons, Panama hats are coming back again in several different colors. This year, British fashion house Burberry introduced Panama hats in natural and colorful tones, while Australian brand Martin Grant redesigned this hat in darker shades.

American actress Dakota Fanning just showed girls a new way to wear this hat. With an off-the-shoulder denim ruffle dress, tan sandals, a tote bag and a Panama classic natural on top, Fanning transformed her casual look to chic on her way to this year’s Cannes Film Festival, according to the Daily Mail.

Artsy fedoras

Summer’s hottest hat fads

Fedora hats are closely associated with the music scene. King of Pop Michael Jackson was spotted dancing in a black fedora on various occasions. And the puffy brown Canadian Mountie-style fedora American musician Pharrell Williams wore was regarded as one of the boldest fashion statements during last year’s Grammy awards, according to Us Weekly. This year, the fashionable are continuing the fedora trend in a feminine way, with New York-based fashion brand Mara Hoffman showing off a slightly elongated nude straw fedora.

Fedoras can look stylish on both guys and girls. Men can use fedoras to create unique facial silhouettes. For girls, this type of hat goes with most hair textures, especially girls with long hair. Contrast is important when you wear fedoras. Pair them with a flirty printed dress and masculine oxford shoes to show contrast.

Shady floppy headwear

Summer’s hottest hat fads

If you want to create a summer-inspired bohemian look and shade your skin while you go shopping or sightseeing, floppy hats should be on your headwear list. To get inspiration on how to accessorize your summer outfit, let’s start with trending floppy hats from some major fashion houses. The retro 70s floppy hats from US fashion brand Paul & Joe are featured in a variety of shades from monochrome brown to navy blue. And designer Rebecca Minkoff debuted her latest oversized floppy hats in bright colors.

For females, if you want to stand out in floppy hats, the first step is to pick one that fits you properly. A classic plain and simple floppy hat might look good on you, but you are also encouraged to try trendy shade hats with colorful ribbons or studs to show your personality. Among various fabrics, the summer-friendly straw is recommended. Last, wear this statement piece in a confident manner wherever you go.

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