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Why the online hat price difference is so big

2017-03-06 18:02:14 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Speaking of online shopping, it has become our daily life, one of the most convenient way of shopping, but we buy more clothes or shoes and other accessories. Online shopping clothes, we are more familiar with the online clothes cheaper than the store, of course, the price is different. Looks the same clothes, each shop selling the price is different, from a few hundred to dozens or even a few dollars to wait. Clothes we wear more, buy more, cheap clothes in general quality will not be too good.

However, for the purchase of clothes without more than the hat, we also see a different price. What is the difference between them? One of my friends in Shenzhen Huan Long clothing this hat factory told me the truth of the matter. The original hat and clothes are also divided into many kinds of materials by the impact of workmanship, quality is also good and bad, of course, the price is different. Here I took the most common straw hat and hat to tell you about the difference.

To our most common straw hat, for example, a dozen pieces of straw hat with dozens of pieces to hundreds of straw hat, its quality is certainly not the same. First material, the online dozen, twenty of the straw hat, the surface looks like the use of grass, in essence, the material used is synthetic synthetic fiber, not the real grass, and the chemical fiber by the cost Of the control, will be relatively poor, unhealthy environmental protection will be more hot, the damage to the human body is relatively large. And dozens of pieces of straw hat is generally used in natural grass, natural grass on the sun better. For more than 100 straw hat, most of the imported from the Tamagascar Rafi grass. This Lafei grass is imported fodder, expensive, because of its strong toughness and extraordinary character by the international market recognition. This straw hat is more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

And then the common winter hat, the online more than a dozen, twenty pieces of the hat, are not wool, but synthetic material, this material made of the hat, not warm nor breathable, long wear Hurt the human body. The price is slightly higher wool hat, the general use of synthetic wool or made of wool. And more than 100 pieces of wool hats are made of Australian imports of beautiful hair made of wool hat. Merino wool spinning excellent performance plump, with good velvet, can be a high number of spinning, feel soft and flexible, suitable for making fine worsted fabric. The price of the hat warm breathable, more stylish and stylish.

See here we believe that the price of online hat for a more clear understanding of a penny of goods this sentence is still justified.

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