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Hat how to clean the most scientific

2016-11-29 11:18:01 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hat how to clean the most scientific

As the tide changes direction are updated every day, flat brimmed hat is now an indispensable accessory of male Supergirl. But the problem came, on the flat-brimmed hat cleaning methods have a lot of friends is not clear. Here to share with youa method of cleaning the flat-brimmed hat, does not need a professional Hat Designer tool, just a few steps.

Hat wash protect tools

Slight stains

If it is only slight stain, such as playing on the road when he accidentally fell on the ground and contaminated the minor stains, simply wipe with wet towels.

Hat wash protect tools

Deep stain

If a large area and has infiltrated the cloth in the stain, using the method of washing.

1. water stains in the hat place masters

2. on the area of the stain a little washing powder

3. Brush cleaning, remember not to be too violent

Hat wash protect tools

4. Khan took place must be clean, because sweat is in direct contact with the skin and hair, normal first-class Khan will be absorbed when wearing son of Khan, stink over a long time.

Hat wash protect tools

5. cleaning is finished, wash off the stains with water (do not put a cap on the faucet a strong flush, because this step may shock Cap type deformation)

Blow dry or air dry

If you are in a hurry use hair dryer to dry, if you do not run dry. If you use a hairdryer, need to pay attention to one place. Adjust the dryer to heat mode, if a variable air volume of the dryer, to a minimum, or worthy of air flow in the Middle, and then let the hair dryer Cap body inside blows the wind, because the wind will hold out the body CAP, using the hair dryer heat distribution on Hat cloth saturated with water, which is then hot cap shaping. (Remember, because the hair dryer at a small space for a long time to blow, wind direction will also come back against defense, so the hand dryer to hats to keep at arm's length, caution hot!)

Hat wash protect tools4.jpg

Stay out of Cap

If there are no braces on his hat, you can use this method to replace the CAP support, pass deformation Hat Cap back. Method is very simple, and knead into a ballwith a newspaper. Then turn the adjusting buckle hat to usually wear the hood sizevalue, and newspapers into spherical Cap. Put more than 24 hours of time.

Hat wash protect tools

Remove the yarn

The last step, this method even if it is not cleaned when hat, can also be used on a regular basis. Because usually when you take the hat out, organs are not soiled or free to stain, just take out the hat outside back must be contaminated by dust or clothes short lines. It can be removed with adhesive surface of the hat this dust and small lines.

1. tore out about 15cm length of adhesive tape

2. put adhesive tape with adhesive surface of the front end and rear end even pasted together to form a circle.

Hat wash protect tools

3. adhesive tape round the middle finger and ring finger

Hat wash protect tools

4. the surface of the hat and Pat, hat using adhesive tape to surface contamination by dust and little wool.

Hat wash protect tools

After completing the steps above, it has clean stained Hat! hat back to Fresh and clean! but usually still need love their hats, exercise or sweating when not worn, try to reduce the frequency of cleaning required! (Note: as long as the material of cotton and acrylic fabric hat can be cleaned. Note If the wool or other special material fabric, this method is not suitable for cleaning. )

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