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The most popular hats Top 10 (The part two)

2017-01-04 10:06:04 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

The most popular hats Top 10 (The part two)


Vertical creases on hat top is feature of this kind of gentleman hats.At that time,men wore hats over 30 times a day.They should take off the hat when enter the room.They would take off the hats when they meet ladies.They would take off the hats when they were hot and when they said hello to their neighbor.So creases is small design to take off hats conveniently. The hats were big acclaimed in the 20s.Recent years,Gangs of New York, indiana Jones and Michael Jackson wore,Fedora is leading role in fashion world.


7.In hat series,beret is one of the old demon.It is said that it originated from ancient Greece and Rome.It is main trading good of the Romans and the surrounding city,Then,they appeared gradually in France. Another name of berets is painter cap.We do not know the relationship between painters and berets.Special forces and the corps also wear this kind of caps.They are really good hats.



At the beginning of 20th century, New York.Because the coming of the ocean shipping age, poured into a large number of immigrants.It was common thing that 30 people lived in a 15 square meters of apartment.But there were a lot of newborn babies or young children abandoned in the side of the road,homeless children displaced from their homes on the road, sold newspapers, shined shoes.Even snatch,in order to survive. Their characteristic is the octagonal cap,so the Newboy cap became this hat name.This hat is not restricted to only boys can wear.In fact,many gentlemen also like it very much.



Strictly speaking,turban is not hat,it has great influence.Most of people see turban,they would think of Muslim or Persian businessman,MAN style.Actually,Fashion circle love turban very much. In the 40 s of the silent era,many female star used turban to show elegant.A little unisex and mystery.If you wear turban well,you will have more femininity.



Bucket hat have been great dark horse in fashion circle recent two years.It is worth mentioning that most of bucket hats are made of canvas,it is convenient to put in pocket when people go  mountaineering and fishing.The initial,bucket is starched plaid wool felt hat.This kind of hat is Scottish daily cap in the 19th century.Nowadays,many the European and American stars like this leisure hat. For example,RIHANNA usually wear bucket hats.


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