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How do men choose hats according to face shape?

2017-01-05 11:02:48 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How do men choose hats according to face shape?

Firstly,you should know the hat types before wearing hats.Concrete noun is not important.Let us see the hats shape.

Guide To Mens Hats

To buy suitable hats,the most important is that the hats are suitable for own face shape.There are four models,please find one model which the face shape is similar with yours.

1.The hats which are suitable for long face

Long face are suitable for bucket hats,it can cover your forehead. 

Announcements,the wide brim hats which are very popular this year can show face small.But they are not suitable for narrow shoulder.

wide brim hats

2.The hats which are suitable for round face

Round face is suitable for baseball cap,it can show tall.

Personal opinion,The newsboy cap and peaked cap are suitable for round face.

Image views,young round face,it is suitable for naughty baseball cap.Fashion clothes and fashion cap,good collocation.

baseball cap

3.The hats which are suitable for square face:bucket hats

Personal opinion,square face line looks hard,bucket hat can make line soft.

Image views,the collocation of casual dress and hat,casual feeling.

bucket hats

4.The hats which are suitable for small face:knitted hats

Personal opinion,any hats are suitable for small face.

knitted hats

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