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Modern women favorite accessories-Hats

2017-01-12 17:41:03 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Modern women favorite accessories-Hats

Modern women,cold urban women,mature, independent and confident,unique charisma.The same,the ladies have unique fashion organ,it is easy to find suitable fashion accessories for themselves.In fashion collocation,you have own unique understanding.How to be a cold urban women?A city style hat can help you.

Warm wool Fedora

1.Warm wool Fedora,classical black an white,shadow make photo frame solidificate.Tired of the ordinary which lack of new idea.Private customized attract you.A different surprising,this kind of knitted bucket hat,leave beautiful shadow.

Simple wool hat

2.Simple wool hat.High quality wool hat,bring English style to you in winter. Tapered concave head, wayward line.suitable wearing.Simple black leather bowknot,delicate. The brim is cool,simple and fashion.

Korean wool painter hats

3.Korean wool painter hats. Material:Australia high quality wool which is carefully selected,comfortable and soft.You can choose color,bring good mood to you.Optional collocation,show your personality.We pay attention to appearance and details.Delicate knitting technique,cute hat top,show your charm.

Original sunshade straw hat

4.Original sunshade straw hat.Beautiful hat,high quality,delicate workmanship.Whether you go shopping or travel,the hat is essential.Small volume and beautiful appearance,cute English word decoration make you become beautiful lady.

Ancient wool berets

5.Ancient wool berets.Special rough wool.On the touch and vision,it is similar with hard material,keep the shape well.Exclusive custom,light,it is easy to clean. The design of hat top is cute,main string can modify face shape well.

Cloche wool bucket hat

6.Cloche wool bucket hat.Cloche,casual moulding,necessary accessories of fashion ladies. Simple brim and design is more fashion.Comfortable wool,very breathable,it is easy to clean the hat,colour fading is difficult.The hat has high quality and beautiful appearance.

Ancient brush wool hat

7.Ancient brush wool hat,special wool technology,you can see different light in different angle. Vintage Style is popular in this year,small brim hats design is outstanding.Blue and gray show temperament,but it is not washable,you can use wet soft cloth to wipe when hat is dirty.

Vintage style octagonal cap

8.Vintage style octagonal cap.The classical design is pretty good.Exclusive custom high quality wool, wool content is high.It can keep warm well.Soft stereoscopic hat brim design.Black and gray is nice color collocation in autumn and winter.

Expression pattern knitted cap

9.Expression pattern knitted cap.European and American stars,high hat top,leisure design,and with sunglasses,so beautiful.Whether long hair or short hair,very attractive.

Big pom pom baseball cap

10.Big pom pom baseball cap.South Korea independent designer series, raccoon fur ball,with wool peaked cap,sports & leisure style.Casquette design baseball cap,unique and warm.

Any wearing way is OK.It is essential accessories of fashion people.Have a try !

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