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Straw wide brim beach hats,ladies good sun-resistant accessories

2017-01-16 17:18:14 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Straw wide brim beach hats,ladies good sun-resistant accessories

Sun is strong in summer,your white skin will be injured if you do not use sunscreen or other protective measures.When you go to beach on vacation,no matter how expensive or good sunscreen you use,they can not be compared with a wide brim beach hat.It can protect your beautiful appearance and improve your temperament.Fan Bingbing and Wu peici who are famous stars wear fashion wide brim when they were photographed by the reporters.The hat of Fan Bingbing is made of good material straw,simple bowknot.Wu peici loves straw hats,she gave hats to her friends.

Wreath beach straw hats

Wreath beach straw hats,show your beauty greatly.Essential accessories in summer.Raffia straw is called love straw.The material is high quality natural raffia straw which comes from Madagascar.Handmade knitted,send out unique fragrance. The hat wide brim can block sun.Beautiful wreath decoration,make girls more beautiful.

beach hats

Gorgeous summer,beach hats can show your beauty greatly.The beach hats are made of high quality straw material.And material include UV coating,can resist 98% UV.Classical sweatband design,it can be folded and is convenient to carry.

wide brim beach hats

Beautiful girls can not choose sun hats casually.Korean style wide brim beach hats,cute round top design,hollow out design.Colorful wreath,travel essentials.

sun beach hats

Summer breathable sun beach hats,fine workmanship,resist UV,leisure style.Unique knitting way,sweet straw flower,comfortable wearing.Lace-up design,you can adjust hat size.

Highbrow beach hats

Highbrow beach hats,they are made of raffia straw,beautiful wreath.Fashion and all-match.They are suitable for 15-50 years old women.Beautiful appearance,they can help you attract handsome men.

wide brim straw hat

Hot summer,you can go to travel with beautiful wide brim straw hat.Mixed stripe and bowknot design,cute and show lady charm,happy pink,plum purple,sky blue.Which one will you choose?

straw hat

The material is cotton thread and polyester.Unique straw hat,the hat brim has memory metal function,it is convenient to carry and folding.Wide brim can resist sun well.Unique  adjustable sweatband,you can adjust suitable size.

beach straw hat

This kind of beach straw hat,natural and environmentally friendly,when you smell hat straw flavor.You can feel the affinity of nature.Hat is soft and folding,and it has professional wind rope and keep your beauty.

Raffia straw hat

Raffia straw hat,new unique design,Ultrafine stitching and handmade,very noble.There is the plastic wire in hat brim,you can change brim shape.Beautiful flower decoration can make you become more charming.

Folding wide brim beach hats

Folding wide brim beach hats,Europe and America style,make you unique.Colorful design,bring the surprising to you.Natural straw material is comfortable.It can resist UV well.

Charming hat can make you more beautiful.

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