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Dull autumn and winter, so that a hat to enhance your overall take the ride style

2017-01-17 13:36:56 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Dull autumn and winter, so that a hat to enhance your overall take the ride style

Coco Chanel said that hats were the symbol of beginning of human civilization.Fashion Kate princess is hat lover.She always wore a hat when she took part in the activities.We have to say that she has good taste of dress collocation.The hats which she wore are liked by many people.


In autumn and winter,hats are necessary accessories of fashion people.Knitted hats are practical and all-match hats.Compared with Jazz hats, modelling ability is not very good.You will be ordinary if you can not match well.Let us look at the collocation of fashionable people.

Black clothes are widespread in winter.Black dressing will be not special in dreary winter. A gray knitted cap can break dreary winter,and can show you young well.

Big woolen pom pom has fixed position in fashion circle.Cool bomber jackets and handsome leather boots,good collocation.

Knitted hats

Plain color knitted cap is low-pitched.Although there is no spotlight,it is practical.You can wear woolen coat or down jacket.They can help make you more fashion and beautiful.

Plain color knitted cap

Some people do not like clothes and accessories with many decoration.But ordinary clothes will make whole collocation show mediocre.A knitted cap can help you show unique.It is fashion and simple.

knitted cap

Some ladies will fur clothing in cod winter,it can keep warm well.But some people think it is heavy and tacky.A red knitted cap can make you noble,and add bright color to winter.

knitted cap

If you like plain color clothes,you can buy some unique hats.Cute Embroidery patterns are spotlights,very active and young,it can make you more fashion.

knitted cap

Knitted caps with smiling face pattern is very popular this year.Sweet smiling can make cap show more active.Thick wool material can keep warm well.Supermodel Sui He likes this hat.

knitted cap

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