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2016 autumn and winter the most popular hat a hat to enhance the overall shape!

2017-02-17 14:08:49 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

2016 autumn and winter the most popular hat a hat to enhance the overall shape!

The hat is not only the tool winter warm, but also can improve the overall shape, the beauty of you want out of tone and temperament, which are essential to a hat! Today we recommend for the autumn and winter of 2016. The most popular hat, and teach you how to choose according to their own temperament hat, hat collocation!

The most popular hats in the fall and winter of 2016 are here, pick up the hat that suits your temperament!

The most popular hat

1. British retro, a jazz cap is enough!

Jazz hat

In recent years the jazz cap can be described as hot, put on a jazz hat seconds change fashion people! British retro temperament full. ▲

 jazz cap

Wear method easy to burst, as long as a nice jazz hat, wearing a small face directly!▲

jazz hat

A black, with a black jazz hat, a sense of level of handsome and pressing. ▲

Black jazz cap

Black jazz cap + gray coat, gas field full! ▲

Black jazz hat with fur

Black jazz hat with fur, elegant style. ▲

black jazz cap

In addition to the black jazz cap, possession of blue more prominent temperament, noble extraordinary. ▲

Gray jazz cap

Gray jazz cap + camel coat, then make you look gentle and elegant. ▲

A color jazz hat

Winter black and white gray too boring? A color jazz hat to make you the most out of color! ▲

2. Let the pie face become smaller, wide canopy to help you!

wide brimmed hat

Have a camel wide canopy, pie face can also become slap face! ▲

wide brimmed hat

Whether the dark light are elegant and charming. ▲

Wine red wide brimmed hat

Wine red wide-brimmed hat will be feminine charm to the extreme! ▲

3. small hat wild, everyday wear the most appropriate!

wide-brimmed hat

Afraid of wide-brimmed hat to wear too much exaggeration? Okay, small hat most suitable for daily with!▲

white hat

The white hat is gentle and beautiful. ▲

Matching color hat

Matching color hat wild practical. ▲

Beige hat

Beige hat with red single product, the most easy to wear a sense of high quality. ▲

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