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How to wear straw hat look good

2017-02-21 13:42:32 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How to wear straw hat look good

Straw hat

Straw hat, and then familiar with a single product, then you know how to wear a straw hat look good? Spring and summer handover, sister's sun work done? In addition to sunscreen, sunglasses and umbrellas, a straw hat is also a sunscreen artifact, in addition to sun can also concave shape. Straw hat should be how to wear a good look, the following together to see the star straw hat with spring and summer map model it!

1: white straw hat + black T shirt + retro jeans

Recently, American television program celebrity, media host and model Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner) appeared on the streets. Her head wearing a white straw hat, wearing a black T-shirt and retro jeans, with a pair of black thick soled shoes, holding YSL chain bag, bow strode in the sun, the sun hat is a good cover of the sun, and this one with Look is very handsome.

Straw hat1.jpg

2: gray straw hat + white striped shirt shirt + black tights

Program host Ran Yingying recently appeared in Shanghai Airport also wearing a straw hat. Do you think she is just to shade? No, in fact, in the concave shape Oh, Ran Yingying wear gray straw hat and ice blue sunglasses, wearing a white striped shirt and black tights, carrying a green platinum bag, neutral full, fashion and Handsome are the same.

Straw hat2.jpg

3: milky white straw hat + camel jacket + black skirt

Recently, Lin Chi-ling appeared in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. She wore a certain straw hat, wearing a camel tassel jacket, with a black skirt and snow boots, a type of handsome and handsome, but also to meet the need to avoid the paparazzi photographed, wearing such a hat, you really can see Out of Lin Chi-ling? Do not ask why Xiaobian know.

Straw hat3.jpg

4: white straw hat + denim shirt + hole jeans

American rock musician La Toya JaCKson (La Toya JaCKson) wearing a straw hat appeared on the streets, she was wearing a denim shirt and hole jeans, hand-held black platinum package, very casual, leisure and reveals a cool retro England breath.

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