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What are the baseball caps?

2017-02-22 15:56:18 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

What are the baseball caps?

Autumn ladies popular baseball hat no matter how the match, give a handsome feeling, casual personality dress, coupled with a stylish baseball cap, youthful vitality full! Here we take a look at the baseball cap what brand It!

Baseball cap

1.NY baseball cap

NY is the famous New York Yankee baseball team in New York's abbreviation, Yankee hat. Brand is Yankee. Mainly hats in the hiphop singer is very popular, very popular, the price is certainly expensive and cheap, genuine to several hundred yuan.

2.MLB baseball cap

MLB clothing brand is a long history of the famous American street clothing brand, has a large number of fanatical fans and followers. Products from MLB clothing, NEW ERA hat, Majestic ball composition. The product has a distinctive color, unique baseball culture, Hip Hop elements, and stylish street style, providing Chinese fans with genuine American baseball costumes and street costumes.

3.PINK baseball cap

Korean brand PINK baseball cap by a lot of stars sought after, its unique shape to break the baseball cap tough wind, create sweet and lovely temperament.

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