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Hat to enhance your sense of fashion

2017-02-23 15:25:37 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hat to enhance your sense of fashion

From the autumn and winter this year, the popular conference point of view, almost every supermodel are wearing an avant-garde decorative hat, indicating that the hat will be this year can not be ignored invincible single product. The stars also seem to have responded to the trend of this dynamic, the stars of the hat dress about the words filled our eyes.


3 good reasons to have a hat

Hat like cosmetics:

Hat can be modified face shape, so that the face more angular, to enhance the overall "visual effects." Whether it is overnight after the happy hair messy, or fluffy hair of the enchanting, can be used to cover up and highlight it.

Hat can change the whole hairstyle:

Do not have to cut all the long hair, just the hair faint plate, hidden in the hat, you can have "short hair" effect. It seems like the choice of eyebrow like. Want to valiantly choose baseball cap; want to be gentle and charming to choose wool knit hat; want to be lovely and lively choice of octagonal hat ... ... completely meet the requirements of 72 change.

Early morning care effortlessly:

Hat is "fixed" hairstyle, do not spend too much time and energy, just buy a "wild style", every morning do not have to press the "cross seven" hair worry.

Grace temperament with the eighties retro style lattice hat, whether it is the overall mix or picture effects are very harmonious.

There are hat style is very fashionable, for the big face of the MM, it is best to loose long hair, so that the effect of reducing the face. Wide-brimmed hat can transfer the line of sight center of gravity, in the unconsciously can also improve the face shape, whether you want to become more lovely or sweet or playful feeling, you can find the appropriate style.

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