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Baseball cap deformation how to do it like this

2017-02-27 17:59:53 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Baseball cap deformation how to do it like this

Baseball cap is a very tide and good single product, but the baseball cap has a very difficult problem, that is, baseball cap is easy to deformation. Then how to do baseball cap is not easy to deformation, deformation and how can we recover? Hat control, we take a look at it

Baseball cap

How is the baseball stick deformed?

Stretch cap type

1, to find a suitable size of the ball or ball-shaped things, and the hat can just match the original shape.

2, re-water wet hat part of the collapse, so soft.

3, the hat to wear that ball thing, forced to top to the original shape.

4, wrapped in paper wrapped outside the hat, try to keep the hat for a long time this shape, dry.

5, with a low-temperature hair dryer blow molding.

If it is slightly deformed, you can use the above method, the deformation is not bad.

What kind of baseball cap is not deformed?

Usually maintenance

Each baseball cap has its own fixed shape, because the production process has used a special material fixed baseball cap. So usually do not wear a hat, we should put the baseball cap in the right size of the box, remember to place in a dry place Oh, so you can prevent the damage to the shape of the baseball cap. If you have a lot of hat, you may wish to stand up, the hardest hat on the bottom, a top to cover!

When cleaning

1, for the baseball cap do not machine wash, because the baseball cap shape is fixed, machine wash will lead to deformation of the hat.

2, the best time to wash the baseball cap with warm water, do not use too hot water, hot water will usually make the baseball cap deformation.

3, hand wash time, you can use a soft brush in the cap body gently scrub, soft brush can be washed more carefully, it will not cause damage to the hat.

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