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Fashionable straw hat out of the sun did not forget Au shape

2017-03-01 17:24:17 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

In the summer, the influx of people in the summer, the trend of the elements, the beach style, neutral style straw hat both practical and fashion! See Too small series for your recommended street shot group map, and quickly help your wardrobe into several trendy straw hat, add new ideas for the summer shape

Fashionable straw hat

Modern witty beige straw hat with white blouse and harem pants, bags, belts and shoes close to the color, the whole tone harmonized! Overall with both a small jazz style without losing the gorgeous little woman charm.

Round edge straw hat 

Full of holiday wind rounded straw hat with temperament similar to the small blouse, wide leg pants, to create a Hollywood star star summer shopping LOOK, if you put on a cool sunglasses, walking on the road, may be cold and no one to you Request a signature!


Ladies Fan children wide eaves lotus leaf hat can also be used with casual handsome clothes, a charming hat immediately let the body with a gas field! Black pleated skirt, brown hole sweater with a small black hat, quite rock and roll the taste of.

Even if you can not leave to the Maldives, but also in the city to create a holiday mood. Wide-brimmed straw hat with a beach feel the dress, sandwiched sandals, straw bag, fully reflects the feeling of leisure. Need to pay attention to the coordination of the color, the hat has a printed pattern, the skirt must be clean color. On the contrary, wearing a printed dress, the hat and shoes should be net color.

Large hat hat weaving straw hat, in the sun for a long time the most suitable environment, can block the sun at the same time can add a little mystery, through the hat exposed bright eyes of the most charming.

Leisure romantic primitive grass curling cap is also the basic cap type, out of the street the most convenient, with a simple dress skirt, Siamese pants, sandwiched sandals, big cloth is very nice.

Brown tastes wide-brimmed hat, with beige jacket and trousers, the overall tone is very coordinated, fashionable personality, this body shape is easy to grasp, the only thing to note is to try to do the same color to see! Lips and red pockets is the finishing touch At the office.

Curling straw hat and make old jeans full of western style, and the big version of the sweater and gray shirt is a very leisurely single product, the three are combined with both free and irrigating. Of course, a loose shoulder bag is definitely a finishing touch.

Into the neutral elements of the black narrow eaves small hat is a good match with the basic cap models, almost any style of dress can be matched, matched with a retro sunglasses, is not very modern playful

Modern fashion round side of the type of hat, tough material quite neutral style, with a full of visually impressed woman, floral skirt, the center of gravity is elevated, look tall enchanting, distinctive personality!

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