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Why the prices for hats online differ a lot from each other ?

2017-03-08 10:19:14 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

When mentioned about online shopping, it has became one of these easiest ways of shopping in our daily life,but usually we shop for clothing ,shoes ,hats and accessories.We are familiar with shopping online for clothing,as the prices there are more cheaper than that of physical store,of course these prices are so much different .

The prices online for these clothing are not the same even for these which have same appearance,and the prices differ from hundreds to dozens or even a few dollars .

As you know ,clothing is a necessity for us,so we spend a lot of time shopping for that ,but usually the quality for cheaper prices clothing is not so good.

However, the purchase of hats is less than that of clothing , but the prices here also differ a lot, so what is the difference between them?

One of my friends who works in Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,ltd ( a hat facotry) will tell you the truth about it .

In fact,hats and clothing are the same ,they have different kinds .And due to the material and workmanship ,the quality are not the same ,so does the prices .

In the following ,we will tell the dieerences between straw hats and felt hats which are common in our life .

For example,straw hats are so common ,but the prices for them differ from dozes to hundres dollars ,and so the prices are not the same either.

These materials for cheaper hats online seems to be straw ,but in fact they are made from synthetic chemical fiber,not real straw.

And considering the cost for these synthetic chemical fibers ,some will be bad ,not so health and not so good to the environment,most important is that they will do some harm to our health .

For hats with average prices ,the materials are natural straw ,and these hats are sun protective.But for hats with higher prices,mostly they are made of raffia straw which are imported from Masagas.

These raffia hats are made of imported materials,so the prices for them are much higher than those common hats ,and also they are being recognized by the international market due to their strong toughness and extraordinary characters . This straw hat is comfortable to wear and  friendly to the environment.

As for these common winter felt hats , these cheaper hats online are not made from wool,but from synthetic materials. These hats are not warm and breathable,and will do some harm to us if wearing them for a long time .

The hats with high prices are normally made from synthetic wool or wool made in China .But those hats with much higher prices are made from Australian imported wool.

Merino wool has excellent performances,it is compact and milling .And it feels soft and flexible, it is suitable for making fine worsted fabrics.

The hat with this price is warm and breathable ,and you will be in style and fashion once you have it .

Now ,we believe you all have a clear understanding about the prices for online hats,and the sentence -you get what you pay for makes sense.

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