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Do you want to know Hat Making?

2017-03-10 17:30:08 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hats have become more and more important in our lives. It is essential to keep summer hat or felt hat for a beautiful girl. So how is a stylish exquisite hat made out of?  Now we will study it together as follow.


Mostly, felt hat is made of wool. Firstly the wool is made into hat body. The production of hat body is to char wool. Charring is a crafting process to remove plant cellulose material in wool combined with mechanical treatment and mechanical treatment. Sheep often adhere to a variety of grass seeds, leaves and other plant substances. If not removed, it will cause a lot of difficulties in textile processing and affect product quality.


And then dry wool with a certain high temperature after charring. After drying the wool and then comb neatly to weave it into felt body. Flatten it, clean it, and then printing and dyeing. After dyeing, clean it again, and then extend top, open brim and polished to make a hat body.


It is necessary to stereotype different hat using various molds in high-temperature. In order to make the style more crisp and lasting, generally single-head mold and multi-head mold is needed.


The early hat body is needed to be cut extra edge to touch smoothly and look beautiful. Next step is to steam and polish hat body to make it look more full and natural.The purpose of steaming hat body is to bring to bear the characteristics of the wool of warm and comfort. Aim to polish hat body is to purpose is to match the similar color to look more symmetrically beautiful.


Next, the good-looking is often affected by hats' decoration. Different decoration has various looking and images to customers.


Then it is turn to dust removal, and finally to the test. In strict accordance with the international standard for the hat, qualified hat can be sold.


So until now you may learn something about hat making. A nice and good-looking hat not only makes you comfortable but also looks more fashionable in daily life.

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