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Origin of Aristocratic Hat -Sinamay Hat

2017-03-13 15:10:38 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hats are becoming increasingly indispensable important accessories in our daliy life, they are common now, we can see people wearing hats everywhere .

But these most common ones are baseball cap, straw hat, felt hat, knitted hat, etc., because these hats are relatively simple, but also more practical, you can wear them when you go out,shopping ,travelling and so on .

But there is one hat, we are rarely seen in our daily life. Only in some relatively high-end occasions , that is sinamay hat.

As we all know that the most popular place for hat culture is in the United Kingdom, because of historical reasons, wearing a hat has became a local convention and the long tradition custom.

These British royal family members of the highest rulers are more willling to lead this fashion trend. Most time these queen, princess will go out well dressed.

And they will wear a stylish and fashion hat or headwear fascinator, whether it is different or exaggerated, it demonstrated their noble and elegant.

And their first choice is the sinamay hat custom designed by Philip * Tracy,at the same time sinamay hat has become one symbol for high end custom hats.

This sinamay hat is mainly produced by natural banana plant which is from Philippines . Because of  this fiber is slender, tough, light and many other advantages, it has gradually become the main material of sinamay hat.

In general, the royal family members and the nobility will wear sinamay hat and headwear fascinator on large gatherings and important occasions. For example, at the Jockey Club, you will see a variety of hats and of course they are mainy sinamay hats.

Because of these high quality raw materials, this complex production process , chiic shape , expensive price, all make sinamay hat popular around the world and also own nobility among all the hats.

Sinamay Hat

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