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big beloved berets this spring how can it be perfect

2017-03-16 17:16:25 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

The history of the berets can be traced back to the 15th century, when the shepherds of southwestern France had liked to wear a rounded hat with brown wool. This hat is worn on the head and can be sunshaded, picked up to wipe, or put on the ground as a cushion. Later, the French and Spanish border of the Basque people began to wear this hat, and was known as the "Basque Beret".


The earliest soldiers in the history of wearing a berets were British troops. As early as the First World War, the British sent to the European continent expeditionary army, there are some officers and men wearing a beret. But the Beret really shine, but still during World War II. At that time, in order to fascist occupation of the European continent for military infiltration, destruction, the United Kingdom began to set up special operations forces. In 1940 the first paratroopers were established. In 1944 the United Kingdom and the formation of the airborne special forces and the Royal Marine Corps special forces and so on. Their clothing are the most prominent bead cap, and the different color of the berets and become the distinction between these forces signs.


After the British, in July 1942, the United States formed a green berets as a symbol of clothing special forces. Since then, many of the different special forces of the country have taken the way to wear different colored berets to distinguish. In a variety of different colors of the berets, the blue berets have a special status, because it symbolizes peace. When it comes to the blue berets, people will naturally think of the United Nations peacekeeping force. Since the United Nations's first peacekeeping effort to resolve the question of Palestine in 1948, the Blue Beret has been closely linked to international humanitarian action.

Beret in France, the nature of our cheongsam is almost the same, is very historical background of the retro single product, after the baptism of time there is continuous improvement, and now the beret has become a lot of female concave shape is essential Of the single product. And in the major fashion week can also see its shadow, especially the 2017 autumn and winter fashion week Dior show field berets is shine, black leather Beret almost through the whole show, whether it is full of cents Full of dress or cool suit, it can be perfect Hold live.

Star for the beret is also very beloved, Bella Hadid many times have to wear a black berets, can not only be a good modification of the face, but also to make the overall shape even more highlights.

Rihanna to attend this year's Dior show to wear this season's hot cortical berets, with long coat and Choker necklace, cool full, gas bursting.

Beret is also the fashion of people's darling, Variety it can deduce a variety of customs, whether you are cool girl, or a small sweetheart, the closet has a Beret hat, the total wrong!

Bele hat in the highest rate of appearance will be black, as the role of embellishment, black is the most inconspicuous and easy to fit into the color, if you feel the pattern is too fancy or the whole body color appears too much, then choose black Department of the berets can increase the degree of fashion and no significant unexpected. If you think of the role of brightening, wild gray berets is also a good choice.

Berry hat in the second most popular color will be the number of red, playful and lovely red berets, eye-catching effect is excellent. Sweet pink and elegant camel, show the charm can not be underestimated.

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