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What kind of sun hat is better to be customized at a hat factory?

2017-03-17 11:59:25 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Summer is getting closer and closer , temperature is getting hotter and hotter, and when the sun is getting bigger and bigger, and many people will choose a sun hat at that time. As you know the sun hat markets are all over , so what kind of hat is better? For companies who want to customize sun hat, what should they pay attention to?


Texture: cotton. People in the selection of a favorite sun hat, the first is to pick up a better texture for hats .The texture markets are so rich and varied, such as nylon, straw, linen, sinamay, cotton and so on. Human skin is delicate,and we should select those soft textures which will contact with our skin, as hat is directly worn on our head, naturally no exception. Especially in summer,this sun hat is of close contact with scalp ,so the texture for hats should be soft,too..Therefore, the cotton texture for sun hat is a best choice. Cotton hat has many advantages: such as soft texture, but also has a safe non-toxic material , sweat, breathable , can be free from the bitter heat.


Color: light color, color is another important consideration in the selection of sun hat. The color of the sun hat has not only played a role in the appearance of hat, but also has an important shade effect . Color not only affects the appearance of hat, but also affects its sunscreen effect, so do not ignore the sun effect because of your preference for color . Black and other dark clothes can absorb the sun strongly and have worst sunscreen effect. While these light-colored hats can reflect sun reflectivity as high as 85%, less absorption of solar radiation, and then have better sunscreen effect. So when custom sun hats, we should pick up light colors, such as sky blue, light green, pink, goose yellow and some other good choices. Light color is not only of good sunscreen effect , but also looks fresh and lively, suitable for summer.


Modeling: wide brim, in addition to texture and color, the shape of the sun hat is also an important consideration when buying hats. Wearing a suitable sun hat is not only a protection from the sun and for our skin, but also plays a decorative role. Better shade  means that the brim of this hat should be wide enough.

What kind of sun hat is better to be customized at a hat factory?

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