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Why there is so big difference for the hat price sold on the internet

2017-04-01 11:16:44 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Shopping on the internet is more fashionalbel and easy of our daliy life, We are familar with buying the clothes from the internet, he price is cheaper than the phasical shop, surelly different shop has different price,The appearance of the same clothes, each shop selling price is not the same,Ranging from hundreds to tens of dollars or even a few dollars.we all know that the quality is not good for the cheap clothes

But for hat,we see different price too, where is the difference?

One of my friend who works in Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co., Ltd, a hat factory told me the truth.The  hatis same as clothes , it also divided into many kinds of styles.The material is differnt, 

The quality is different, surelly the price is not the same.

Now let me introduce the differnce using straw hat and wool felt hat which we often seen

Take the straw hat as an example,cheap price and high price quality is differnt.

Let us talke about the material, the cheap hat is made of synthetic chemical fiber, not real straw.Per the material cost,it will be relatively poor, unhealthy , unenvironmentallyand very hot when you wear.Also it is harm for your health.The high price straw hat is made of natural straw, Natural straw is better for the sun protection. For the material which is 100% straw, Most of them are imported from Massa Garth, it named raffia

The raffia cost is expensive, but it Recognized by the international market because of its strong toughness and exceptional character. It is more comfortable and environmentable.

Then let us talk about the wool felt hat.The cheap wool felt hat is made of man made material, not wool, it is not warm and breathable, longtime wear will be harm for the health

Medium price wool felt hat is made of domestic wool, but high price wool felt hat is made of Australian Merino wool.Merino wool spinning performance is full close, felting and has good spinnability, high, soft,elastic,and suitable to manufacture fine worsted fabric it is much warmer when wear, and more fashionable.

After the explanation,We believe that you may have relatively clear understanding about the different price hat.

straw hat

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