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Are the hat brands online with own factory?

2017-04-02 10:27:17 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

I usually prefer to search Taobao, especially like clothes and shoes, the weather is gradually getting hotter, I'm wondering for a hat.

I searched and found too many online sales hat stores, and with their own different brands, of course, as well as the prices.

I'm used to buy famous brand, and its better to have their own manufacturers, so that more at ease.

Once I saw so many brands,many questions occurred in my heart,are these brands with their own factory?

At that time,the hat named Sedan Casesa successfully attracted my attention,I 've heared this brand before and in a good reputation,so I decide to find out.

After the introduction of the customer service,I know Sedan caseasa with their own factory.

The factory name is Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd.,which specialized in designing,manufacturing various types of hat, the business is mainly on independent research,develop,design and OEM production.

Not only their own brand and also OEM for many foreign and domestic online and offline brands. More than 30 stores distributed in the first or second-tier cities.

In addition to the traditional sales channels, the company set up Shenzhen OuFandun Trading Co., Ltd. for online sales. 

With the development, continuously set up some brands like Sedan Casesa,Hao Laiya,Kelaodikaida,Dikajianjia and so on.

From the beginning of 2002, the boss Luo Longmei entered into hat industry, with 7 years of accumulation and precipitation ,in 2009 founded Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co., Ltd.,

They totally designed over 30000 styles of hats, stand on the principel,and makes the products to be high-end,international. The factory with about 4800 square.


Now ,more than 150 staff,including 6 professional designers,over 10 administors with a decade of experiences in hat,and a number of professional sales.Company daily output up to 3000pcs, and annual sales at least 1 million.

Viewing such a detailed introduction, I bought two pieces, one is baseball cap, another is raffia straw hat, I get the hats within 2 days, exactly as the customer services said,they are in quiet good quality no matter craftsmanship or designs.

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