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Do you know how many kinds of Straw hats?

2017-04-10 15:39:30 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Straw hat generally refers to aquatic plants,mat grass,wheat grass,sawali or manila weave hats,the brim is much wider. It can be used to cover rain and shade.From ancient times Ruoli to the present ordinary straw hat, 

it was used for several hundred years until now.Of course, this is just one of the most basic types of straw hats.Straw hat, as the different styles, different materials, different occasions to wear, has been evolved into the fashion accessories now.As humans investigate the concept of beauty,now the material and style is more and more,With the addition of a variety of valuable forage, straw hat is more and more tall up, it seems to have represented a fashion

Now the high level straw hat is made of natrual wheat, Japanese paper and Raffia.Material performance is also better than before,and the hat is more comfortable.Now the most famous is Panama straw hat,Panama hat is called with a multi killea plant fiber or color bar woven with black stripes or floral made, the edges upturned with very fine workmanship.This slightly upturned brim hat takes some Hippie taste, neutral,mysterious and sexy,Native to Ecuador, Many foreign tourists see Panamanians wearing this hat, So it is called a Panama hat.

The type of straw hat mainly include floppy sun hat, short brim trilby,bowler hat and visor. Because of different shapes, the occasion is not the same.Floppy hat is suitable for travelling of seasida,trilby is suitable for shopping. And the bowler hat and visor is suitable for outdoor wear.Choose a suitable straw hat, you will be happy and not afraid of being exposed to the sun.

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