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So many kinds of fabric hat, which one do you like?

2017-04-13 11:25:03 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Generally speaking, Fabric hat is the hat which made in fabric.There are many kinds of cloth, soft and hard, thick and thin, large and small, sparse and dense,so the fabric hats also had so many kinds.Such as baseball cap,peaked cap,fishman hat,riding hat,etc.Because of the different types of hats, the wearing occasions are not the same

Baseball cap is mainly from the United states. Baseball is very popular in the United States, and most of the players in the game are wearing a baseball cap,so the fans will wear the cap of their loved team.After the pop up, of course, not only the baseball team's hat, and a variety of styles and brand baseball cap in the world .There are so many very popular baseball cap. It can shade, hairdo, also it is warmth and can be the decoration. 

With the development of baseball cap, its basic function has already cannot satisfy the needs of modern people, because of its simple, generous, more functional, it can be used as a decoration and can be suitable for any different occasions.

The crown is flat and peaked cap, features as a visor, commonly known as caps.the edge is from 2 inches to 4 inches. At first, it is the hunter who weared the peaked cap when hunting, therefore, it also known as hunting cap.Cap. Now, with the wind of peaked cap fashion movement, so many designers like to using peaked cap to dress the sports exotic clothing series 

Fisherman hat is a soft polyester 190T hat. The brim is narrow and small,but top is so deep.it is suitable for all men and women.A fisherman's hat is not like a baseball cap with a long protruding front, but only a circle of slightly trapezoidal edges.The external wrapped with iron wire, and some elastic fabric made of metal ring on both sides,, with a small bag so that people can be conveniently folded into a it.This kind of hat is suitbale

for more outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, adventure, travel, fishing, etc..

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