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Hats wholesale business-how to choose a factory ?

2017-04-17 11:48:04 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

In recent years , due to this improvement of people's living standards, more and more  are willing to pursuit higher life taste, basic necessities is a most obvious reflection, and the most striking is clothing. In order look more pretty and more fashionable, people tend to pay more attention to decorations, and belts, scarves, hats are indispensable objects . And a stylish hat can keep warm or protect from sun ,most important is that - it is easy to match clothing .Coupled with this growing popularity from overseas, demand for hats continue to increase.

As demand for hats is increasing , more and more hat factories appears , more and more people step into hat production and sales industry. So now as there are so many hat factories, and many choose to do hat wholesale business ,then we how to choose a hat factory ? What factors should we consider ?

Some hat factories opened a long time, and they have a relatively high market control , experienced and high proficiency workers, high quality raw materials, well-equipped, superb technology, more stringent quality control , and thus better quality hats are produced , and  relatively high cost occurs, of course, these hats are medium top grade. if you want to do wholesale business for this hat,and then large purchase cost is needed .Some other hat factories opened a short time, and they do not have a deep understanding in hat industry.or even blindly step into hat industry. Factory itself lacks of experience and staff is not high proficiency enough , also raw materials are not good enough either, equipment are not complete and even backward, what is more hat process is not fine, most important is that -quality control is not strict enough. And thus the quality is generally not good, but the cost is relatively low, so the wholesale price is relatively not so high.

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