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What should we pay attention to when hats are being customized ?

2017-04-21 11:36:43 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

People now have more needs for personalize and they do not like same things as others, for example ladies do not want same clothing and shoes with others, so they began to seek more decoration to highlight themselves. In Summer , a customized hat can avoid a lot of embarrassment most time.Then what kind of hats should we customize in order to be personalized and fashion ? Most important thing is that : people should know how to decorate ? How to match straw hat and clothing in a beautiful way ? And what kind of clothing is a good match with straw hats ?

First : white straw hat + printed onesize clothing.

Highlights: concise and type printed onesize clothing together with a white weaving straw hat and a pair of sunglasses, then retro modern tempting taste is added on the basis of personality it shows . The color for this straw hat is simple ,as cream usually makes people relax and happy, this white is not only beautiful but also can reflect sunshine well ,so people will not feel hot even though after a long time of wearing this straw sun hat or sun cap. That is to say, this straw hat and cap is a good item for sun protection and decoration when traveling.

Second, wide brim straw hat +white sleeveless shirt+jeans.

Highlights: Most straw hats are made of straw or reed,these are natural materials .They can not only protect you from sun but also can be a good decoration .Wide brim straw hats are fashion ,small brim straw hats are romantic .This wide brim straw cap can protect sunshine well ,and if it is matched with white sleeveless shirts and jeans,then it reveals fresh and  elegant personality, which will make people love at first sight.

Third: straw hat + skirt / long dress.

Deployment highlights: straw hat together with same color skirt and long dress are ok. It will be perfect pretty if small brim white straw hat matches with white T-shirt and blue polka dots skirt .Elegant color can meet a wild demand ,so casually decorations are fine. What is more ,if yellow straw hat matches with yellow printed dress ,it will reveal elegant and beautiful temperament.Even Though it looks simple,distributes fascinating leisurely smell

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