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What kind of hats are being customized in hat factory most?

2017-04-25 19:27:21 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

In China, hat is a relatively historic item which has thousands of yeas of history from that time on .People from different times ,different nationalities and different groups wear different hats and caps .Due to these increased standard for material and spirit,,hats have been one of the most favorite accessories besides clothing and shoes ,and gradually become one of these necessities in people’s daily life .such as baseball cap and straw hats are welcomed by people.And now wearing a hat has been a habit for people no matter for its function or decorative effect .So what kind of hats are being customized in hat factory?

First:Baseball Cap

Baseball cap has many different functions such as :sun protection ,decoration ,keep warm and keep safe and so on .Due to its tiny shape and lightweight and easy to carry ,it has become a most common and populist hat and cap in the market .1.Baseball cap has become a first choice

for those fashion people ,so how to match these baseball hat with clothing well ?In spring and autumn seasons ,it is stylish and fashion when wearing a baseball cap together with a suit plus a fashion sun glass .2.In summer ,baseball cap is also a good tool to make shape,no matter wearing a shirt or a fashion T-shirt ,it is still good choice ,as it is simple but stylish .3.Printed jacket is still popular ,,and as for those boys who prefer street style ,hat decorated with printed jacket has been a necessity for them.So it can not only highlight youth and energetic but also stylish and uninhibited if wearing fashion printed jacket and baseball cap together .

Second :Straw Hat

Straw hat is good for travel beach fields and gardens ,as it is more fashion and sun protective and decorative compared with baseball cap ,what is more it is fordable. Also compared with baseball cap ,it is more heat dissipatable,breathable ,ventilatable,absorb-able of sweat . This material for straw hat and cap is more natural ,and so it is better for our skin ,more friendly to our environment ,and can protect us from sun well and feel cool in summer. In recent years ,straw hats have become the second most popular hats after baseball caps .As it is known that ,these straw hats with are easy to match and it has become an eye-catching single item in summer .A mysterious straw hat full of the taste of young girls with a hand-made decoration will add more fun .Sunshine ,beach and bikini which are common to see in these leisure seasons .If you do not have time to go to these beaches ,it is ok ,just wear a straw hat coupled with a comfortable long dress or jeans ,also it will have these good feelings on vacation even though in cities .


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