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ODM and OEM ? Do you know them in a hat factory?

2017-04-27 14:38:01 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

As we all know that when there are some demands ,there will be some markets .For example some are specialized in designing ,some are focus on production ,also some are dedicated in trading for markets ,some others spend their time on industry. And on the basis of all these basic necessities , some processing industry occurs among all these business fields.So what is ODM and OEM in a hat and cap factory ? OK. First ,let us know learn something about them and know the difference between them .

The literal translation for OEM is “Original Equipment Manufacturer” ,relation between them can be regarded as a trading relationship.OEM commonly known as “Production with others’ brands”or "Commissioned processing" 、”Production with a brand required by those factories” or “Production on others’ factory” .Its essence is : an original company (brand owner) offers a designing and let other company to produce these products on the basis of that designing on a contract ,and eventually use labels from that original factory and so does that production model.The literal translation for ODM is “Original Design Manufacturer ” . And ODM refers to that : a design maybe loved by some other company after it has been designed from that original factory .And then it is required to be put into production with that brand from that later company,or change a little before mass production .Factory that undertakes designing and production is known as ODM factory ,and these products are known as ODM ones .

A simple explanation for that is :OEM means an original company offers designing and assign other factory to product them ,while ODM means a company fancies a design from an original factory and then require that original factory to produce them with that design and a logo from that company .And hats factories also use this mode .Some hats and caps factories that have strong designing ability also adapt ODM mode ,of course , OEM is welcomed ,too .

hat ODM factory

hat ODM factory

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