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Which hat factory is better in China?

2017-04-29 13:55:14 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

As hat industry is increasingly popular in China and it led to a rapid increase in Chinas hat factories,which grows in a surprising speed. However the qualifications and scales for hat factories are different ,so the qualities are different ,too. As you know there are so many hats factories in China ,so which one is better?


First of all : as there are so many different types of hats and caps ,so let us check how many types

Are there.Hat by style features : beret hat,cloche hat,floppy hat with big brim ,beanie hat,newsboy hat,peak hat and so on .Hat divided by material :leather hats ,wool felt hats ,knitted hats,straw hats and son on .Hat classified by applications:snow hats ,sun hats ,helmet caps,dust caps,fishing hats,fedora hats and so on. Sorted by objects:men hat,women hat ,childrens hat ,ethnic hat,,couple hat,cowboy hat,army hat ,officers hat and professional hat and so on . And among them ,knitted hats ,wool felt hats ,peak hats in summer ,straw hats and sun hats are common to see and have wide uses.


Due to the restrictions of geography ,climate and raw material origin ,different places focus on producing different hats and caps ,and thus the workmanship quality and prices are not the same .For example :Tonglu Zhejiang is good at knitting hats ,while Cixi Zhejiang is good at cotton hat ,Cangnan Zhejiang is most famous for its Beads cap and so on .Besides those, there are some other hat and cap factories in Hebei ,also there are lots of hats factories in Guangdong ,too.And some of them are doing well ,such as Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,ltd which is specialized in producing cheaper and good quality straw hat and wool felt hat and so on and it has many years of experience in producing them with high output in a large scale factory..All in all ,hat factory in China has its own focus and advantages .If you want to make hats ,a factory with large scale and high efficiency and good quality is OK for you . 

hat factory

hat factory

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