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What kind of hat is better to wear in summer? -Hat factory will tell you about that

2017-05-02 16:20:30 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

It is nice to travel outside ,but when travel in hot summer you had better to protect yourself from sun ,so how to protect yourself well ? Many people will choose to use sunscreen,however even though you had used that ,the sun can still hurt our skin and feel hot if you do not try to avoid direct sunlight. And then a fashionable hat is a good choice without any doubt .So what kind of hat is good in summer ? Here we will recommend some models for your reference .

First :Baseball cap 

Baseball cap has so many functions such as sun shade , decoration and protection,due to its simple model and style ,there is not so many changes ,and there is only one general style for that .But as it is relatively small and lightweight and easy to match ,it has become one of these common hats in hat and cap markets .And thus it is also a favorite hat for these fashion young people ,in spring and autumn seasons ,baseball cap is also a top choice for making different shapes ,It is a nice choice and it looks simple no matter you match it with a shirt or a fashion T-shirt .

Second :Sun protection cotton hat 

Compared with baseball cap,cotton hat is better at sun protection ,and also it is thinner than straw hat.It is fold-able and easy to carry,so it is good for outside travel.Cotton hat has so many types,such as riding cap,fishing hat,bucket hats and so on.Cotton hat is more suitable for some functional scenes,for example riding cap has a good protective performance.

Third:Sun protective straw hats 

Straw hat can protect the sun well ,and it is more fashionable ,has much more decoration effects when compared with baseball cap,it is perfect for beach pastoral daily out travel .In recent years,straw hat has become the second popular hat after baseball cap.Straw hat is divided into floppy straw hat,big brim straw hat,small brim straw hat and fedora straw hat and so on.As you know different types are suitable for different occasions .In a season with sunshine beach and pasture leisure,if a straw hat matches with a comfortable long dress or jeans,even though you are in a city you can still have a good holiday mood .

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