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How to find a good factory to customize hats and caps?

2017-05-03 16:31:05 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

With the development of civilization and people’s living standards,custom cloth has been loved and popular among those upper class.In order to pursue individuality and comfort ,they do not hesitate to spend a relatively high cost to customize their cloth,to design cloth that they love.And as hats are becoming more and more popular ,they are going to customize a variety of fashion and personality hats .But as for customizing hats and caps ,what should we take into consideration ?

First :We should find a experienced hat factory .

As we all know that hat factories are different from each other ,as they have different strength and experience .And generally they are engaged in the OEM production and sales of hats and caps,while OEM is also known as‘commissioned production’ ‘commissioned processing’ ,’production of nominated brand‘ ,production outsourcing ‘ and so on .Although these titles are different ,essences are the same :original unit (brand owner) let other factories to develop and produce products on the basis of commissioned contract,and use brand from original unit,also use same production and sales model .And this model has been operating internationally for many years ,and it works effectively .Normally these factories do not design and produce their own hats and caps ,so they do not have experience of customizing hats and caps .

Second:We have to find a factory with strong strength .

And this strength is reflected by how many styles and types of hat and cap that they can produce .Normally these hat and cap factories have their own develop and design ability ,they focused on ODM productions and sales of hats..ODM refers to that -one manufacturer designs a product and in some cases that design maybe loved by some other companies ,they will require this manufacturer to produce with their logo or just modify a little before mass production .And in this way ,it reduces this development time for other companies.This kind of hat and cap factory can undertake a variety of designing and producing business , so if you want to customize some hats ,this kind of factory is ok for you .

customize hats

customize hats

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