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What are these advantages for straw hats recommend by a hat and cap factory?

2017-05-04 16:24:52 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hat is an indispensable decoration item in our daily life for each of us ,especially for those fashion ladies , as hat can add a lot of fashion elements . A beautiful dress ,a nice bag ,a pair of high heels,even with a scarf or belt can not meet these needs of fashion girls and ladies ,they always still want to wear a hat before going out .

Of course ,this is just a point of view from decoration and fashion .But if we want to go out in such a hot summer without being hurt by sun , how can us do sunscreen effectively ? Usually we will use a variety of sunscreen ,but that is a temporary solution ,so a sun hat is a top choice for us . As you know there are lots of different styles and types of sun hats ,so how can us find a better one ? Ck ,let us check about these hats recommend by hat factories .In summer ,it is very dry and hot outside ,also this ultraviolet is strong with direct sun light shining .So if not wearing a hat to block this direct sunlight when going out , then our skin is possible to get sunburn .So hat factories generally recommend these hats as below:

Large brim straw hat : as the brim is relatively large ,it has strong sunshade effect ,and it will minimize these areas by direct sunlight .And due to its knitting and material ,there are some holes on these hats ,in this way , these hats are very ventilated ,and make people feel cool .Straw hat can not absorb heat and it is breathable ,also it can scatter sweat easily , so we will not feel hot even after a long time’s wearing without any sweat easily .What is more ,this straw hat is good for our skin ,it is not sticky and without stimulation .More important is that this material for that is natural straw which smells like a grass .When wearing a hat like this ,we will not feel bad even in a hot weather ..

cap factory

cap factory

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