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How many hat factories do export business ?

2017-05-06 14:53:55 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

In recent years ,fashion decoration is more and more important in China ,besides those clothing shoes , more and more people are wearing hats and caps, which is influenced by foreign culture and especially these foreign film television and newspaper magazines ,other fashion elements and so on .Due to these different types and functions ,baseball cap is the most common one ,but straw hat is also more and more popular now compared with other types of hats .As we all know that demand determines hat markets ,and as hat factories grow in a rapid speed ,so what are these markets for hat factories ? Meet more demand for domestic market or foreign markets ?

As hat and cap is more and more popular now ,hat factories grow in a rapid speed .But as China is influenced by thousands of traditional culture, there is not so many hat culture here ,and as a result of that hat culture is not as strong as those European and American countries,especially as UK .In those countries ,wearing a hat is deeply rooted in all aspects of their daily life , as hat has been a necessity just like wearing clothing .Especially when attending some large scale activities ,the British Royal family and nobles generally will wear a kind of customized hat .While in China ,this situation can not be changed fundamentally although it is influenced by these fashion western cultures .So for now , those big hat factories will fight for more foreign order by participating a variety of clothing and apparel exhibition .Conclusion for that is : domestic market is not enough for hat factories as foreign demand is much more that domestic ones .

hat factories

hat factories

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