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Hat factory will tell you why are felt hats and straw hats so popular ?

2017-05-08 14:04:36 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hat factory produces lots of different hats,which can be divided to so many kinds according to their materials and functions.Normally divided by shape: baseball cap,visor cap,floppy hat,bucket hat,beret hat and beanie hat and so on.By material:cotton,organza,linen,silk voile,cotton linen,raffia straw,cotton and polyester,polyester,woolen,polyacrylonitrile fiber and blended wool ,etc. Functions:sun hat,beach hat,fishing hat,riding hat,Leifeng hat,army cap and warm hat,etc .As we all know that these hat factories will not produce all of those hats generally ,but they will produce two of them -straw hats for spring and summer,felt hats for autumn and winter.

Straw hat : straw hat is generally braided by natural straw , the most common ones are wheat straw ,paper straw ,panama straw and so on .And due to its braiding and material ,there are some holes on these hats,in this way,these hats are very ventilated ,and make people feel cool .Straw hat can can not absorb heat and it is breathable ,also it can scatter sweat easily , so you will not feel hot even after a long time’s wearing without any sweat easily .What is more ,this straw hat is good for our skin ,it is not sticky and without stimulation .More important is that the material for that is natural straw which smells like a grass .When wearing a hat like this ,you will not feel bad even in a hot weather .

Felt hat : felt hats are normally made of high quality wool.Those wool felt hats with higher price are generally made of imported Australian Merino wool .Merino wool has excellent spinning performance which is also plump and compact. Merino wool is good for making fine worsted fabric as it has great milling performance and it can be weaved easily ,and it is soft and flexible .Hat with this price is warm and breathable,which will make people look more fashion and stylish .In recent years ,people are pursuing fashion and beauty with much higher standard ,these styles and shapes for felt hats are also becoming more fashion and trendy,and gradually wool felt hats have became a top choice in autumn and winter instead of knitted hats .  

Hat factory

Hat factory

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