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Where are these wholesale hat factories locate mostly?

2017-05-09 15:31:19 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

As it is hotter and hotter now, sunshade umbrellas and sun hats are becoming essential for people when going out. As we all know that sunshade umbrella is big enough ,but it is not that comfortable when using it ,so a fashion and sun protective hat is more and more popular for daily outing ,especially for ladies outside travailing .In China,more and more people are willing to wear hats,so hat and cap factories are increasing ,too,so does hat wholesalers. So where are these wholesale hat factories ? Where do they concentrate?

First of all,we should take the impact of region into consideration.As textile industry is much more developed and concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang,so more cotton hats are made there.While more warm hats,especially winter felt hats are made in Hebei.And also there are lots of hat factories in coastal cities,especially Shenzhen ,Guangdong where the economy is developed.Due to the impact of economy and national policy ,the population there is concentrated ,and lots of enterprises are there .And then this upstream of raw material supply is adequate,downstream of sales markets are prosperous,and these all make import and export more convenient.

Another important reason is the impact of geographic climate.As summer lasts a very long time in Guangdong,it is very hot during that time,so this demand for hats is relatively large,especially those sun hats.And because it is a city close to sea,people there will go to beach frequently,which directly led to a increasing demand of straw hats,so these factories are producing straw hats most.

wholesale hat

Wholesale hat

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