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What is the difference between China's hat factory and foreign country’s?

2017-05-10 14:17:41 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Now there are lots of hat factories in China and hats have thousand years of history ,but wearing a hat is not yet a kind of culture ,which is influenced by the impact of Chinese traditional culture .But due to the impact of foreign culture,especially those ancient European hat culture,hat is becoming more and more popular in recent years.As this culture is popped up,more and more people are wearing hats,so more and more people are making hats .Then what is the difference between China’s hat factory and foreign country’s?

Because Chinese professional hat factories started relatively late,so this craft and technology would be infected by foreign culture. And those popular Japan and South Korea baseball cap is a relatively large impact for the whole Asia.In Europe and United States, especially United Kingdom, there are lots of fedora hats as there are gentlemen traditions there. Also there are some unique and relatively old techniques of producing hats which was formed by a relatively long hats culture in UK.

Although China's hat factories started late,they have already developed for decades of years ,now they even have relatively mature craft for baseball cap ,felt hat and other types of hats.In recent years ,more and more hat factories are doing export business in China ,some of them even offer OEM service for foreign famous brands.So all in all there is not so much difference between China’s hat factory and foreign country;s.But this hat culture is not formed although more and more people are wearing hats ,and more and more people are producing hats,the quality is better and better now .But In order to do hat better and better, the support hat culture is essential.

hat factories

hat factories

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