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What kind of hat is more popular for wholesale in a hat factory?

2017-05-11 16:08:20 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

As more and more people are wearing hats now,so hat factories increased rapidly,and demand for hat and cap also growing fast.But not all hats are in great demands,as demand is determined by many different factors.So if we want to wholesale hats from hat factory ,what kind of hats are more popular indeed?First ,we should do some research about hat markets ,in this way we will find out the needs for markets and demands for different hats ,which demand is relatively large?


Generally seasons and practicality are taken into consideration when choosing a hat .As for season ,baseball cap and straw hat and sun protective cotton hat are best choice. And due to the style of baseball cap, it is great for all seasons and can wear all year around .So a baseball cap is necessary when going out traveling or daily outing ,as it is tiny and easy to carry .


While a baseball cap is not practical enough to protect people from sunshine,then people will choose a large brim straw hat in order to have a better sun shade effect .And then a large brim straw hat is a necessity for people when they are enjoying a leisure holiday time.Especially when they go to the beach ,as the UV is strong ,at that time a large brim straw hat is even more necessary.What is more straw hat is not only practical but also a good decoration. In summer ,a long beautiful dress matches a large brim straw hat is great enough .  


Besides baseball cap and straw hat ,sun protective cotton hat is another popular hat .And cotton hat is divided into two kinds-riding cap and fishing hat. While riding cap is more practical on the way to work ,and fishing hat is great for fishing and adventures outside ,climbing and other outside activities.

wholesale hats

wholesale hats

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