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Washing hat -hat factory will tell you why some hats can not be washed

2017-05-12 18:48:44 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Generally we think when something get dirty,it should be cleaned and this is common to see in our daily life,while it is not the same for hats.So when mentioned about cleaning hats,we will be confused about it as some hats can not be cleaned.But that does not mean we should not wash them or just throw them away as they can not be cleaned.So why some hats can not be washed?If we do have a deep understanding about hats,then we will know it .Generally there are two reasons:materials and hat shape.Here we will talk about it in details .


First we will talk about material .The material for our daily clothing is cloth,while cotton and linen and polyester are the most common ones.And these three materials can be washed or dry cleaned.And cloth hats are generally made of them ,so cloth hats can be washed without any question ,as long as it has good quality and strong intensity and color fastness,.But some felt hats are made of wool,and wool will shrink easily if it is washed.Besides these hats ,straw hats can not be washed due to its material either. As colors will change and turn black if washed.


Second we will talk about shape.Shape for some hats is casual ,while other hats even do not have any shapes at all ,as they are soft enough .So these hats can be washed as it will not affect their original shapes after they are washed .There are other types of hats such as stereotyped hats ,special shape hats and some other relatively tall hats which are not suitable to wash.As their original shapes will not remain there if they are washed.So it is not allowed to wash a hat if there is a stringent requirement about its shape .

hat factory

hat factory

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