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What kind of hats can not be cleaned?

2017-05-15 17:44:19 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

In our daily life,we will wash or dry clean our clothing and shoes after a long time wearing or when they are dirty,what is more we will even wash those scarfs,which are common to see. So how about these hats we wear ? It is a same case as we will wash them when we wear them for a long time.So there is a problem,as not all hats can be washed.People will feel strange when mentioned about it.As clothing and shoes can be washed without any question,why not these hats?Generally materials determine whether a hat can be washed or not.Then what kind of hats can be cleaned and what kind of hats can not be cleaned indeed? Please go through the details below:

Some hats can be cleaned-some are suitable for washing,some others are suitable for dry cleaning,while some are ok for both washing and dry cleaning.For example:some cotton hats such as baseball caps,fishing hats,sun hats and some others which are common to see in spring and summer can be cleaned normally.As we all know people wear these hats in summer mostly in order to protect themselves from sunshine,then these hats will get dirty easily as it is hot that time and they will be sweaty.Since they are dirty,after they are being washed ,we will have a nice mood when wear them next time which is a pleasant thing.While due to its material ,straw hat is not suggestible to clean,as the shape will be changed easily after it is cleaned. 

Here we take winter hat for example:in winter,knitted hats and beanie hats are common to see,and main materials for them are :polyester and acrylic,so these hats can be cleaned.While some other warm hats such as felt hats which are made of wool mostly,considering of their materials ,they are not recommended to be cleaned Hat in winter is mainly for keeping warmth and decoration ,it will not get dirty as easy as hat in summer. So just keep them in good maintenance ,then there is not any big problem.

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