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History for Hats from hat factory

2017-05-16 18:01:25 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hat -a decoration with thousands of history in China which enriches our daily life is now more and more important and it owns more and more attention and recognition.But hat in China has extraordinary history, here hat factory will tell about these details.

First of all ,talking about the origin of hat.in China Yellow Emperor is said to be the first one that invented hat.In slave society,a hat was only used among bureaucratic class at the beginning,and it was not used to protect themselves from sunshine,it was only a decoration and symbol.A symbol for power and distinguished status.At first,only emperors and civil and military ministers can wear hats,which was a symbol for status and power,and then it had formed into a kind of bureaucratic system,it is the so-called ancient Chinese crown system, "Shining" said "when you are twenty then you are an adult, upper class wear special towel and cloth", we can see that only those noble or above class can wear hat ,other civilians do not have any right to wear any hats. Ordinary civilians can only use "towel"to tie hair up, the poor can be said to be distributed or use  hemp rope.to tie hairs.

With the development of society, social was unrest in Southern and Northern Dynasties,and then royal crown is popular among these folk Confucianism.And till Qing Dynasty,hat is really popular,from the emperor to the poor ,everyone can wear hats.And this situation maintains to the end of Qing Dynasty when foreign culture flowed in .Due to this western hat culture,hat popped up indeed,and then these practical values start working.

Hat as a symbol for internal status and power among ruling class did not change although it had passed through some dynasties,but this symbol had become more specific and accurate,but this was canceled till the end of Qing Dynasty the beginning of Min Dynasty.


From this historical evolution of hat, China's original crown can not be counted as a "hat".Hat was introduced from barbarian to Central Plains,and after some improvements it become popular then.And those modern hat is introduced from western directly.

In modern society,hat has turned to its "opposite direction" ,it is no longer a symbol for status and power,it is now a decoration and a tool to protect people from hotness and coldness.Wearing a new fashion hat is now a reflect about women pursuing of beauty ,but as for men,they do not wear hat often,they just wear casual hats only.


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