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Hat factory introduces hat history in foreign countries

2017-05-17 17:33:18 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

With the development of society and improvement of people's living standards,hat has become an important item in our daily life and it has even become an indispensable necessities in our daily outing.It has deep influence around the world.So how does it develop in foreign countries? Here hat factory will introduce this evolution.

In the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries,the majority of upper-class wives,widows, unmarried ladies will wear one symbolic hat .In addition to unmarried girls, others will wear an indoor hat -thin cotton or raw silk and with lace ribbon decoration , and this has become one of their daily costumes.The early twentieth century was the most rapid development time of female hat style.,large brim hat and roll-up hat developed first.Cloche Hat was born in 1917,and it dominated the 1920s,and at the same time beret hat beanie hat and hard crown straw hat were favored.In the 1930s, surrealist became popular,and scarf-style woman's hat, triangle hat, or even shoes-like hat are popular and impressive.

In the West, a hat is a symbol of right and status. In ancient Greek and Roman, slaves can only wear a straw hat to protect them from sunshine.To the Middle Ages, this concept for level is more clear,the king wears gold crown, prisoners just wear paper straw hats and so on. In the late sixteenth century,these court officials,the queen,the princess and the ladies' hat had a special design.

Hats have occupied an important role in European traditional costumes etiquette. it is not only the finishing touch , but also an essential part of the whole line for ladies. Choosing a hat and wearing hat are compulsory courses for the European celebrity family,as hat is a necessity for those grace and elegant ladies when they are attending important activities,even more it may become an important equipment for getting royal family's approval.In European royal family,ladies who do not know how to wear hats and do not behave well will not be well treated.

Hat expressed these different roles in social level vividly. In the West,hat was not only used to keep safety,but also to keep warmth and sunscreen. It was a fashionable decoration,and it was suitable for many celebration occasions. At the same time, it was also a symbol of your occupation, nationality, religion and social status. Since the birth of hats,they had changed with the development of history culture,and they played different roles,they can be a living textbook in some ways.


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