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Hat factory tells you how does baseball cap make

2017-05-18 19:10:55 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Baseball cap is the most common cap in our daily life,so what are these parts for baseball cap?Generally there are: Bongrace+cap body+oxygen permeable orifice+top button+adjustable Velcro+sweatband+Dimension bar+Reinforcement.


Bongrace :including PE board +materials required by customers,and normally there are two different bongrances- single color one and the other is sandwich bongrance.And single color bongrance refers to a bongrance with PE board covered by single color board.And as for sandwich bongrance ,it is a more complicated one as it consists of three different colors which are braided there in different levels,and each has have the same style PE board,but it can be customized according to customers requirements.What is more,in order to fix the position of this cloth and PE board,4 stitches will be braided(normally it is 4,but it can be more or less which are determined by customers)  


Cap body: generally one baseball cap has six different pieces, LOGO is generally embroidered or printed in front of the hat on these two pieces ,oxygen permeable orifice is in the top of each sheet, oxygen permeable orifice is usually divided into corns Oxygen hole and embroidery oxygen hole,the top bottom is placed in the top of the six pieces ,which has two different functions. One is to fix these 6 pieces to avoid them fall apart ; the other is for beautiful reason.


Adjustable Velcro: the main role is to fit those bigger or smaller heads,with this appropriate adjustment it can still be used, generally there are metal buckle or plastic buckle and also magic tape, full length is 7-8CM


Sweatband: generally consists of white cotton + layer of thin sponge , it is built inside a hat, the main role is to absorb sweat.


Size bars are used to make sure of these sizes,avoid those too large and too small sizes.


Reinforcement: generally with a white dish of cloth (this fabric is relatively hard), the main role is to make two pieces of paper will not be soft, the main role is to enhance the beauty of a hat.

Baseball cap

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