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Hat factory tells you basic knowledge about hats

2017-05-20 14:47:38 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

As for hat,it is an one of those essential necessities in our daily life,it is more and more important now,but we do not have that much knowledge about it? What are these basic knowledge?What is the difference compared with clothing?Here ,hat factory will tell some details: 


Generally it can be divided to :straw hats,sun hat,baseball cap,tennis hat,knitted hat ,swimming cap and so on.


There are two different sizes for hats:adult size and children size (inner circumference for adult size is a 58cm,and for children size is 56cm),and these are common to see .But hat factory can customize some special sizes which are required by customers,and tolerance for that is about ±0.5cm.


There are cotton ,canvas,denim ,elastic cloth and so on.

Each material has many kinds,for example:cotton has four types:10*10 and 7*7,and these two sizes are suitable for making logos which are embroidered on hat,as the lines are relatively thick,which are also not so smooth.While 108*56 and 108*58 are best for making logos which are printed on hats,this kind of material is relatively flat so these logos will look beautiful.

Fourth, the operating process:

Drawing(Drawing confirmation) →Finish paper (tailor a complete hat with cardboard in accordance with that drawing) → Make sample (guests confirm) →Die cutting→ Cut cloth → Embroidery or printing LOGO → Dig oxygen hole → Sewing (first :sew hat body→ sew Bongrace → sew sweatband → sew adjustment buckle) → set button → ironing → inspection → packaging

hat factory

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