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Hat factory tells about development of women hat

2017-05-22 19:09:11 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

In China,hat has several thousand years of history which existed from ancient time,and it has its prosperity and decline.Till now,it has become one of women exclusives.Like shoes clothing and bags,it even has become one of women’ important and indispensable decorations.So what is the development about women hat in China ?

In ancient time,women seldom wear hat,they would tie their hair with a hairpin when they are fifteen years old,and use headdress to decorate their hair and make it fixed.While there are some special women who wear hats-The queen ,princess and some other aristocratic women,who have the privilege to wear “phoenix crown” “corolla” and so on.There are also some official maids who wear hats, as it is also a symbol of power and status.

This so called Phoenix clothes with superb power is referred to the dress for rich women when they get married in this way to show glory.And it also refers to the dress for ancient aristocratic woman .According to "Ming dynasty Code" recorded: phoenix coronet also refers to dragon crown, which is made of crepe,accompanied with Tsui Bo Shan. Decorated with one golden dragon,two Tsui Feng, and there are water drops there. Before and after the beads ,peony flowers, Rui head, green leaves, beads Tsui Rang flower temples, beads Cuiyun and so on. Ming imperial queen to Nine Articles official wife can wear, according to the level,there are difference in color, pattern, decoration and materials. In Ming dynasty ,common woman in the marriage can also wear Phoenix clothes with superb power .

The tradition of wearing hats for Chinese women is formed from the late Qing Dynasty,which is introduced from Western women.At first ,these sun hats and hoods can also be said as a symbol of status, and later it embodies a complete decorations and practical value .From the origin and evolution of hats ,it fully embodies the power and status of men in male society, as well as this history of its development and gradually disintegration.

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